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(Warning: this article contains content of the spanky kind, so if you bruise like a peach...beware.)

A few articles ago, I mused over the fact that if titillation of the sexy kind was one of the many nuances you sought from video games, then you were possibly in the wrong place. There is an endless list of ridiculous and awkward saucy moments fluttering about in the vast halls of video game history, and the downloadable spank-em-up Hurt Me Plenty has managed to land itself amongst esteemed company.

Using the much maligned Leap Motion controller, with a single, or multiple - depending on how strict you are, sweep of your hand over the little motion sensor device, your movements are transformed into a joyous little spank or a straight up bruise of a butt-slap.

Ouch! The game's mechanics leave a little to be desired, unless the subject was designed with an intentionally rubber spine. Here's what the game's creator Robert Yang had to say on the subject.

This a short game where you spank the heck out of a dude and learn about how BDSM communities attempt to formalize consent / caring. I was really interested in how we can make games about intimacy without a "kindness coins = sex cutscene" trope, and how we can use expressive gestures to roleplay / think about pain and intimacy. (For the record, I don't think my game gets it right, and it has a lot of flaws... this stuff is hard to design!)

Where it is a slightly awkward, yet inevitable, use of the Leap Motion controller, Yang is currently working on a spacebar control method. So start flexing your index fingers, gamers, and polish up on your button mashing technique!

Who needs a stress ball?! 21st Century, baby!
Who needs a stress ball?! 21st Century, baby!

I do believe it is a welcomed change - subverting the male gaze in video games. It's good for the business that there is a game out there that objectifies a male body instead of a female body. A break from the almost obligatory "man saves the world so now it's busty, boob armored lady's job of getting him off" tropes we see quite often in games. It really seems as if games are coming of age.

Though saying that, Dragon Age: Inquisition has become rather progressive in its outlook towards same sex encounters, and making sexy scenes less pornographic and male-centered. Which is great for keeping games fresh and pleasing the legion of female and LGBQTI gamers out there.

Fancy giving this bloke a good old hiding? Download the game here!

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