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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Much like in life, death is an unfortunate yet inevitable reality in video games. Unless you're playing My Little Pony, or Madden (though real life murder has been known to occur between particularly competitive friends), you will die. Over my long and careless gaming career, I've killed off a heck of a lot of pixels, but there's one character I now feel particularly sorry for not having taken more care of him: Mario.

Every Mario player is all too keen to hurl the enthusiastic plumber across great chasms, but what happens when the little guy doesn't quite make the jump? You're simply returned to the start of the level to try again, without paying another thought to your recently deceased pal. But thanks to Reddit user lordpigofpork, we now know that Mario's fate is pretty damn disturbing....

Behold - Mario's Final Resting Place!

I love the last injured Mario, crawling towards the flag pole as he bleeds out on the dungeon floor. It's a fantastically imaginative piece of fan art, and I hope it makes you consider the consequences next time you miss a jump!


What do you think of this fan art?


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