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One of the proudest moments of my childhood consisted of roaming around the school playground, showing off my single greatest possession - the fruits of nearly 100 hours of hard labor, and the direct cause of many missed lessons: my captured Mewtwo. I remember how I'd leave my Pokedex casually open, smugly flashing the Gameboy screen at a peer's envious eyes, before watching their Poke-dreams crumble as they realized they weren't the best trainer in the jungle gym. I was.

I can only imagine what would have happened had I instead shown them Hoopa; perhaps the rarest Pokemon of all time! There's no doubt I would have owned that school in an instant.

Hoopa has become something of a legend in the Pokemon community, due to the confusion surrounding its existence and the extreme lengths trainers must go to just in order to see it. So what's the story behind this legendary beast and how do I capture one?!


Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa.
Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa.

Last year, a group of hackers found a number of previously undiscovered Pokemon hidden within the code of Pokemon X & Y - they were called Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa. Diancie has since been released to players through special retailer events. However, the other two have remained inaccessible to the large majority of players, as the developers at Game Freak declined to officially release them into the wild. So, instead of waiting to see what the developers had planned, the crafty hackers took matters into their own hands, managing to acquire Hoopa through more nefarious means.

One hacker told Kotaku that they had to "patch the game's data on the fly" in order to catch Hoopa, which you can see in all its glory below:

Pretty awesome, huh? Well you haven't seen anything yet, because Hoopa gets a whole lot crazier when it turns into its ultra-powerful alternative form, Hoopa Unbound!

The Plot Thickens

When the demo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was released, another group of hackers naming themselves 'Project Pokemon' dug up some strange new info. Inside the demo they found a sprite of a curious new monster that looked a lot like a bigger, more kick-ass version of the mysterious Hoopa:

It was assumed this was some kind of evolved form of the pokemon, but details were still scarce. However, once Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were officially released, players who transferred over their hacked version of Hoopa via the Powersave feature discovered something rather odd.

A 'Scary Story'

If you walk into any Pokemon mart while carrying a Hoopa, a previously unseen employee will appear in the corner. Talking to him triggers a strange, haunting story about an old man who once traded a mysterious, supposedly useless, old bottle for everything in the store. After telling the story, the employee will then give you the 'Prison Bottle,' which the old man said would 'unbound' Hoopa for three days. Weird, huh? So what happens if you use the bottle on Hoopa? Well...


It's so big, it doesn't even fit on one screen! If that wasn't cool enough, the new Hoopa Unbound can actually detach parts of its body to do insane moves like this:

It pains me that there's no way to get Hoopa without hacking the game. Either I'll have to wait until Game Freak releases an above-board method of getting it, or I'll have to brush up on my programming skills!

All I know is, there's some kid out there who's managed to hack Hoopa out of the code, and is currently bathing in the envy of all his/her friends.


Do you think Hoopa will ever be officially released?


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