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It's now official that Joker will return to the silver screen. It was revealed on Tuesday that Joker would be appearing Suicide Squad, and playing the Clown Prince of Crime is none other then Jared Leto. The casting of the Suicide Squad is indeed major news. Yet, the fact remains is that Joker is officially returning to the big screen, and he has been cast. There is a lot of speculation to be had with this Joker's return to movies. So what is in store for this iconic villain? There are a few ways to use the Joker in Suicide Squad, but there is a possibility that this rogue has a bigger part to play in the DC Cinematic Universe. While it is hard to get a clear picture on the matter, here are just some ways Warner Bros. and DC Comics can use Joker in future films.

Suicide Squad's Antagonist

With villains taking center stage in Suicide Squad, the villains that make up this team may have a sense of humanity behind their development. That does not work for the likes of the Joker, so having him be a part of the Suicide Squad would make little sense. However, having Joker as the film's antagonist would work in favor for the 2016 movie. Perhaps Joker goes too far this with his scheme and the Suicide Squad are called in to put the psychopath out of his misery; or maybe Joker has vital information that the Squad's handler (be it Amanda Waller or Lex Luthor) needs.

Whatever the reason, Joker is better suited as an enemy to the Squad then he is an ally. The concept of Joker being a villain for the Suicide Squad has been done before in the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham. You could argue that having Joker has a source of conflict has been done before. However, it seems that no matter which way the film goes, the Suicide Squad are going to have to deal with the issue that is Joker - especially Harley Quinn.

Future Batman Film

There has been word of that a solo Batman film is coming. While nothing is confirmed on when this movie is going to happen, it may be safe to say that Joker will make an appearance in the future film. It is only a matter of time till Batman fights his arch enemy on the silver screen again. Yet now that both Batman and Joker are cast in the DCCU, perhaps their confrontation will be sooner rather then later. What could be a beneficial factor for this speculated movie is that both Batman and Joker will be in the film's release. In Dawn of Justice, Batman will be an experienced crime fighter; which leads me to believe that he has already encountered The Joker. Having a veteran Batman and Joker would be an interesting narrative for both characters by having a film that does not require dealing with the rivals' origins. Whenever the next Batman film will hit theaters, you can bet that Joker will play some kind of role in The Dark Knight's solo movie.

Appearance in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

With Joker appearing in Suicide Squad and being cast, perhaps there is a chance that the villain will make an appearance in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film is all about The Dark Knight coming face to face with The Man of Steel, so it is unlikely that Joker will play a big role in the film. However, with post-credits being a trait for superhero movies, seeing Joker at the end of Dawn of Justice is likely. Then again, maybe Batman vs. Superman will not have a post-credit scene, but Joker could still appear. Perhaps the maniac could make a brief appearance at the very end of the film - or have a short scene in the movie (like Josh Brolin did in Guardians of the Galaxy). Joker may not be necessary in Batman vs. Superman, but an appearance from Batman's arch enemy would not only expand this cinematic universe, but also promote the upcoming Suicide Squad.

Though Suicide Squad will be the first cinematic appearance of Joker since 2008, it would be shocking if this villain does not have a bigger role to play in the DC Cinematic Universe. Though the future does look bright for the iconic supervillain, it is also clouded. There are many factors we do not know about both Suicide Squad and Joker's future appearances. It is possible that Joker could be a part of the Squad, though it seems very unlikely. There is also a chance that Joker could be in a new solo Batman movie, but then again maybe the studio wants to go down a different direction. It is hard to tell at this time what is in store for Joker; but rest assure that Batman's long time enemy does have a future in the movie world as we will at least see him in 2016.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016 and Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters March 25, 2016


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