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After watching Predestination (2014), a couple of friends asked me if it's worth watching; my answer was always the same: "Man, you should see the gal's(Sarah Snook) performance." Snook is playing the man at two very different stages in his life, both who are starkly different individuals(the transition from woman to man). She nails both of these roles effortlessly. The minute she walked into the bar, she caught my attention. The minute she started talking, she had my whole attention. The movie provides solid performances of both Ethan Hawke and Noah Taylor, but there is no doubt that Sarah Snook was Spierig’s secret weapon.

In a SBS article, wrote by Stephen A Russell, Michael Spierig, asked about the difficulty of finding the right actor for the role, replied: "There was a lot of apprehension when we wrote it, wondering who we were going to cast to make it work, so the audience connects on an emotional element. It was the hardest decision we had to make, whether we could be bold and find a person who could play both genders. We could have cast two different actors, but it wouldn't have been as interesting. We’re so proud of her.[...] We have to give a lot of credit to our makeup effects artists Steven Boyle and Samantha Little. We didn’t want to hide Sarah under a tonne of rubber or go for the joke shop beard, because you want to be emotionally connected."

The little-known aussie actress will probably grab plenty of attention due to this incredible performance.


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