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Elliott Mair

Because I haven't been living on the moon for the past few days, I've seen the new Star Wars trailer. Of course I was blown away but after looking at the terrifying community that is the internet, I discovered that some people weren't as keen . After further research, I have found the reasons and I'm going to break them down here.

1) John Boyega as a storm trooper ; I personably had no problem with Boyega being a storm trooper. The problem I always have with this is that no one really likes the Star Wars prequels or the fact that they made storm troopers a bunch of clones. So, no fan really regards it as cannon however, when it comes to picking apart the original trilogy, people seem to head straight back to the prequels and claim they're cannon. Star Wars rebels showed that storm troopers are not clones and are more a military enforcer group.

2) The new robot ; another thing people semed to be sceptical on was the new , small and round droid. It was bleeping, blooping and making funny sounds. The general buzz on the interet is that the droid is kiddy humour and has no place in a Star Wars film. The droid does the same job as R-2 and in fact makes more sound than R-2. It's to early to tell at this stage and besides, after a couple of films, R-2's comedy value was running thin on the ground. Again it's too easy to tell and this droid could not play an important role in the film, especially seeing as 3po and R-2 will be in the new movie.

3) The new lightsaber ; one of the highlights of the trailer, for me anywa, was seeing the hooded man fumbling through the snow ridden woods and of course displaying his new, powerful lightsaber that looks like a broadsword. Now, there had been some leaks about it, so it wasn't a great shock to me but the lightsaber looked amazing! The main thing that people didn't like was the sound of it. Of course, it was a little saddening not being able to hear the classic hum of a jedi's weapon but it's a fresh, new take from a brilliant director. The lightsaber looked amazing and it's a teaser trailer. This could change in the final film and as a previous article mentioned, lightsabers are supposed to be relics in the new films so it could be a relic of the old days and that's why it could make a strange sound. Sadly, we'll just have to wait until next year to find out!


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