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If you haven't seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy, turn around. Do not proceed. Make the first legal U-turn. Abandon ship. Abort! Abort!

If you have seen Guardians, let's get talking.

The first movie was, to say the least, amazing. There was enough character development for all five characters to make them all real and likable. It was hysterical. It had enough action to last me through to the next MCU movie. And don't even get me started on the soundtrack.

We all know that a second movie is coming. But what could it be about? What could they be planning?

Post credits scene with Howard the Duck
Post credits scene with Howard the Duck

Oh, goodness! No! Not that! Anything but that!

Someone fix this please!

Starlord's Milano
Starlord's Milano

Much better. That's more like it.

We last saw our heroes leaving Nova Corps to go off on another adventure into the great wide somewhere. In a sequel, we could see the Guardians taking on another titan, meeting up with the Avengers, or encountering another infinity stone. But that seems a bit useless to me.

They already battled Ronan who worked for Thanos. They should also leave fighting Thanos to the Avengers. Bringing in another infinity stone would be a lot of "been there done that." We have a lot of time to introduce the Guardians to the Avengers. So I think that Kevin Feige and James Gunn should go about this in another way.

What will the guardians be doing this time around?

Definitely not dancing
Definitely not dancing

The biggest question at the end of the movie was who and what is Peter's dad?

I knew walking into the movie that Peter wasn't all human. And I figured I could deal with that. And then they get to the end of the movie, and Peter doesn't even seem fazed. It's not even like he wants to know the truth. He doesn't outwardly say he wants to know. In fact, he does the first thing he can to avoid the topic by going on his next adventure.

That bothered me. If I were Peter, my first move would be to find out who my dad was and what he was. I'd be so curious that I'd have to know. I'd even be willing to go back to Earth to learn more.

But chances are Grandpa Quill doesn't know a thing about Quill's dad. But you know who does?

That's not the real orb there
That's not the real orb there

This guy!

The reason he picked up Peter in the first place is because Peter's dad hired him to do it. He knows who his father is and how to find him. He knew since before he took Peter in.

So what does this mean for [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113)?

It means that if Peter really wants to find his dad, he's going to need to go back to Yondu. Back to the man who he betrayed at the end of the film.

Enter conflict here

Now whether the fight happens when Pete learns to go back to Yondu or after, it'll look something like this only involving more ships and less arrows.

What I think will happen is that Peter will return to Earth. He'll go see an older Grandpa Quill. It'll take help from Gamora and the rest of the team to help Peter build up his courage. He'll need a small pep talk to get him to talk to his Grandpa after being gone for so long.

After getting there, Grandpa Quill will tell them he has no idea. That, or he'll tell them that it's Yondu who know's where Peter's dad is. He may be human, but he must know something about Peter's disappearance. There's no way Starlord was taken by Yondu without anyone seeing it.

When they decide to go after Yondu, Gamora will break away from the team. She'll tell Peter that she doesn't want to follow him to a suicide mission after Yondu.

Yondu hates them for betraying them. Sure, at the end of the film he didn't seem so angry. But that's before he let the reality of it all settle in on him. He was made to look like the bad guy when he took what he believed to be the infinity stone. When the Guardians betrayed him and gave it to Nova Corps, the whole galaxy probably learned the truth. That doesn't exactly bathe Yondu in the best lighting.

So, you get the picture. He's angry. Real angry. He may have a soft spot for Peter, but that only goes so far.

So after Gamora leaves the group, Peter leads the remainder of his team to Yondu. When he gets there, Yondu is missing. But Yondu's right hand man tells Peter where to find his father. Or at least that's what the Guardians believe. In reality, they're being directed to Yondu, who upon seeing the Guardians will kill them.

Gamora will be at a bar or somewhere else of the sort. While there, word of Yondu's plan will reach her. Fearing for the rest of the team, she'll return to help out her friends. In order to get to her friends, she enlists the help of a captain of a ship who's in the bar because she doesn't have her own.

Peter and the rest of the Guardians will arrive where Yondu is waiting for them. So that the Guardians have a chance, the final battle will take place in space. As they approach, Yondu will blast them with a weapon that would've destroyed the ship before. But after their adventures, and plenty of Rocket's upgrades, the ship survives.

A following battle ensues. Peter will pilot the Milano. Drax, Rocket and a young Groot will take off in a space pod that lands on Yondu's ship. We'll watch the three systematically taking down Yondu's men and destroying the ship.

They destroy the ship. The Milano is in bad condition. But the threat is gone. They fly back over to the Milano and when they get there, they receive a transmission from Yondu saying that he's still alive.

At this time, a bigger and better ship will come into view with bigger guns and heavier artillery.

The team will feel at a loss and that's when Gamora swoops in with the captain. Their ship is just big enough to rival the other one. With the aid of the Milano that is.

This space battle will end with Yondu's destruction. Gamora and her new friend the captain will come onto the Milano then.

Peter will get angry that he has no idea who his father is. He'll believe that the entire mission was a failure and that he wasted the team's time and effort. As he has this tantrum, the captain will walk into the room that Peter's in. And then he'll say something along the lines of "Hi, Peter. I'm your dad. I bet you have a lot of questions."

And scene.

What do you guys think?


Will this happen in GOTG 2?


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