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Christian Bale recently sat down with Esquire and put to rest all rumors that he was sought out by Warner Brothers to reprise his role as Batman in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and subsequent rumors that he turned them down. That officially ends the debate, and as a fan of Bale in the role, I am genuinely surprised. I think he pulled off dark and mysterious perfectly and I feel they should have at least approached him about being part of the bigger DC universe. But such was not to be.

He was quoted saying,

“No. I’ve never heard of that [in response to a question about him being approached for James Bond before Daniel Craig] Equally untrue about them coming to me for Batman, before Ben Affleck…I think it’s the right decision. People were talking about this obscene amount of money they were saying was thrown at me. No. I didn’t have a single conversation with anybody about ever playing the role again.”

Clearly, Bale was upset that he came across as a money-hungry jerk who didn't want to play the role. He distances himself from controversy here (which is smart of him) by saying Affleck is the right choice, but also ends any misguided ideas that he didn't want to take the job.

When asked if he would consider taking another superhero role he said no.

“I think, probably with that, it’s never,” he says. “Because I can’t help but feel it would just be a spoof on it. You know what I mean?”

He wrapped up the interview by basically saying he doesn't watch comic book movies.

“I confess, I’ve never seen another comic book film,” he says. “But I understand they… set a different tone.”

So, it appears Christian is done with superhero movies. Alas.

But after him admitting last week that his reaction to hearing about Affleck's casting was a little bit of shock and a little bit of sadness, it's just further proof that Bale may not have been as ready to hang up the cape as we originally thought.



What do you think of Christian Bale as Batman?


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