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From Opera and Mobster' s, to Magical Beings and Gothic Inspired Metropolises. Ximphonic Versus is breaking The Mold on Fantasy convention.

Do you enjoy Fantasy? Do you feverishly wait for next Game OF Thrones, and The Hobbit's final film? What are the things we love most about a great book or movie that pulls at your heart string's? Or how about that feeling you get when the hero comes in and and saves the day! And lets not forget the all powerful films that bring tears to the eye's and renewed hope in the world and life it's self. We love to cheer, to be afraid and to stand up to the challenges before us. As we seek out what is going to happen next in the book or that one moment in the film or game you play. Well Ximphonic Versus the upcoming "Action Fantasy Thriller" series promises to deliver on such a scale for readers.

Ximphonic Versus: Symphony Of The Phantom Knight
, is a thrilling action fantasy series, told as a dark and contemporary opera. Produced by DSBEniX Digital Entertainment. The story is centered around crowned prince, Addonnis Neos Latrunculus. As he chooses between two evils, Struggling to capture the Symphonic swords of Eon. As his entire world is consumed by the flames of war.

The fable will touch on very realistic tones but set in a very stunning Fantasy backdrop. The characters lead interesting lives, plagued by the everyday things we all know and understand. The complexity of the story comes from their relationships and personal lives. It also takes a look at how they deal with situations pertaining to love, heartbreak, forgiveness and evil. Human emotions set in a fantasy world. Apart from the story, the highlight of the series is the stunning art on every page and panel with action that transcends what is out today. Also An amazing soundtrack is being composed for each volume of this series by famed Michael Roberts (who's works includes arrangements for Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Mirror Of Fate for Nintendo, and 2 award winning films)

Xing Xing is the creator/writer/artist/inks/flats colorist/character designer
with digital colors by Endro Gatotkaca and Kevin Combs.

Actual Pages from the book
Actual Pages from the book

Over 20 years of work have went into creating this series, Ximphonic Versus is really a dark and contemporary opera, tragic yet beautiful. And getting it to a professional publisher is no easy feat for series creator/Director S.Xing Xin.B

Xing also went onto state,

"One of my biggest influences over the years has been Tetsuya Nomura. Essentially what i'm trying to achieve with comic books and graphic novels, is what he achieved with (The Upcoming) Final Fantasy XV in terms of quality"

Ximphonic Versus is coming 2015, for more info about the series here are the source links


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