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I'm willing to bet every fan of The Walking Dead has been asked by a non-fan of the show, "Why are you still watching it?" or "Why is that show still on?" These questions will make any fan give the evil eye. After five seasons of zombies, their question is valid, but there is a good answer as to why we're watching.

Usually TV shows go pass their prime and stop being good after a couple of seasons. Don't get me wrong, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) has had its share of episodes that seemed like fillers, a waste of time or simply a weak episode. Some may dispute that opinion, but regardless of those episodes, we were always curious about the next episode.

Yes, the zombies are the same and didn't evolve over time, but we are no longer watching for the zombies. We've developed a bond with the characters and their evolution.

We have watched these characters evolve from weak and sad individuals to expert killers and escape artist who have adapted to their new way of life, built camaraderie and will confront danger without fear. We find ourselves rooting for our favorite characters and threatening to boycott if they get killed off. Characters we use to find annoying grew on us or a character we once loved is now semi-hated. Regardless, there is an emotional response.

Carol, in particular, couldn't stand up to her abusive husband in Season 1 and couldn't possibly kill anyone let alone a zombie. Now, Carol has killed people for simply getting sick and burned their bodies, distracted a child (a crazy child) by telling her to look at the flowers before shooting her in the head then helped save Rick and the gang from cannibals at Terminus.

Carl is no longer a naive defenseless child, Glenn isn't an errand boy, Maggie isn't a sheltered farm girl, Daryl stopped being a hardcore loner and became a badass with a heart of gold and Rick's "officer of the law" routine has faded and he'll do anything to protect his family/group. Beth, well as soon as she started to toughen up, (taking a moment to remember the scene...damn) she gets killed off.

The daring escapes from zombies are still there, but it's no longer the driving force as our survivors have encountered problematic humans in the last three seasons beginning with the Governor in Season 3 and 4 and Terminus this season. Additional characters also come along to give our eyes something fresh.

Although Season 5 is on a mid-season break, I will be right there with the rest of the fans when it returns because this is a story about people searching for and finding strength in the face of an apocalypse. That’s a story worth watching.


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