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But, well, it's definitely different.

We've been given some pretty cool glimpses at Vision, an upcoming addition to the team in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). Now, get ready for the big one: ComicBookMovie shared a new look at the highly anticipated hero that blows all of those peeks out of the water. Check it out:

Seems like these were at some kind of expo, but what's more surprising here is the changes to Vision's costume! Here's a closer look:

Hand-drawn and super fancy.
Hand-drawn and super fancy.

With it's scales, armored plates, and sharp angles, it kind of looks like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man took Vision to the Superhero costume store and picked the whole thing out for him.

"Ya' look great, V. Nice style montage."
"Ya' look great, V. Nice style montage."

That's not shade, trust me. I'm all for cool new costumes, though I've always seen Vision almost strictly in green and yellow. Seeing the new color scheme is pretty exciting, and it seems to clear up the previous, slightly blurry or dark images that see him in a darker grey overall outfit. It's interesting that Vision seems to fall in with the Avengers so well, costume-wise - we're all pretty sure that he, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be either fully joining or helping the Avengers out by the third act of the film, so it's nice to know that he'll fit in just fine.

The turn from the more bold green and gold scheme is a bit strange, especially because that costume would appear more unique against the other "supers" of the team, but it's just really nice to see the outfit in all it's glory.


Do you like Vision's costume in Age of Ultron?


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