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Finally we get to see the Tri-Blade lightsaber a little closer, well what I think it may look like that is. I wasn't sure about it at first but it is really growing on me especially after I have seen all the debates on how it would actually work. I think Stephen Colbert explained it the best, especially the part about how the hilt guard travels all the way through the handle. The metal case is just there to protect the users' hand during battle.

As far as who this new Sith Lord is, I have no idea! I have done some research to try and figure it out and have come up with a couple options, you guys will have to chime in and let me know what you think.

Sith Lord Vemrich
Sith Lord Vemrich

My first guess is Sith Lord Vemrich, hence the characterisation chosen in the poster i.e. the beard, war paint coming down from his eye and the scars. I am not familiar with this character and his role within the Empire but it looks like it could be an option for the new villain.

Sith Cultist
Sith Cultist

My second guess for the Star Wars 7 villain is Sith Cultist. Some aspects don't line up like the beard and some of his gear depicted in this painting, but other elements could match up. Like the black cloak/hood, yellow eyes, war paint below the eye and the scars on his face. Maybe this painting is modeled after a later version where he has been deformed like when the Emperor fought Mace Windu. Chancellor Palpatine was electrified during that battle and his face changed so maybe the same sort of thing happened?

This is just my version of what could be so chime in and let me know what you think and feel free to share and re-post this. Also check out Stephen Colbert's definitive defense of the unique lightsaber unveiled in the teaser.

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Thank you and happy movie going! -Ryan Crain


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