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This week we were treated to the greatest crossover to ever grace TV. I posted this article earlier today in a hurry, but I didn't quite do it justice, and was in a rush- but here it is, in full. The Arrow/Flash crossover, both parts, were simply brilliant. We took steps towards Green Arrow, we saw Captain Boomerang done brilliantly, had some great laughs, felt the tension, and ultimately enjoyed ourselves in two of the greatest episodes the shows ever produced.

But to suggest the trailers at the end didn't have me wetting myself would be a lie. Next week, we're going to meet two of comics' biggest villains.


[Gotham](series:1127075) is now on its winter hiatus- I really hate winter hiatuses- but we have a trailer for Episode 11, where the Penguin openly labels himself the Penguin, and we see Arkham's inner workings- as well as our first look at the alternate Dr Leslie Thompkins. The show will be back in January!

The Flash

Next week, we FINALLY meet the Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom! We got caps from this trailer earlier, but here's the full thing released by the CW now. Much darker than [The Flash](series:1068303)'s usual tone, Zoom already brings a threatening and chilling presence to the show with his menace. Goosebumps anyone?

I must say, Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom is genuinely creeping me out. I can't wait to see him in play. (He's admittedly one of the more psychotic villains in comics- genius, but downright messed up).


We finally see Nyssa deliver her ultimatum from Ra's- bring Sara's killer to justice, or face the wrath of the League of Assassins. In what is clearly inspired and is paying homage to a very iconic Batman scene- props to the directors for using it- Oliver and Ra's will battle it out in a duel (which I can't help but feel Oliver will lose). With it we see the return of Alex Kingston's Dinah Lance, who will undoubtedly push on the Black Canary story. And we'll finally see Matt Nable's Ra's al Ghul in action, already slaughtering men in the trailer.

Matt Nable simply saying "You've lived your last day" in this. I'm sold.


The trailer's not up yet, but it will be! Remember, keep petitioning to , and one day we may see an even more brilliant crossover!

Some more news:

Arsenal is coming in full to the Lego Arrow DLC. Awesome, I know (hell, I'm gonna get the game just for this DLC).

Manu Bennett seemed to confirm via Facebook today his version of Slade Wilson will appear in Episode 13 of Arrow, as I reported yesterday. Indeed, now he's cellmates with Digger Harkness, potentially with Captain Boomerang involved.

Firestorm's live action debut on the Flash

Professor Zoom might be getting his very first live action version next week, but this week another guy (besides Captain Boomerang) did too.

And a GIF of that final ambiguous fight-

"I'll call the shots."
"I'll call the shots."


To toss things up- who wins? Reverse Flash, or Ra's al Ghul?


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