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Following Kit Simpson's post (Loki forming the Avengers) it got me wondering, and I've been wondering this for a little bit; Could Loki have had a part in forming the Masters of Evil in the MCU? In the comics, Loki inadvertently formed the Avengers by finding a mortal mighty enough to best Thor. Loki manipulates Hulk - causing Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Ant-Man. Now getting back to the Masters of Evil, these are the villain counterparts to the Avengers. If you watch The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you'll know that the Masters of Evil were the main villains of the first season. All the while, Loki was pulling the strings. It's a really good show and I highly recommend it. Let me show you some clips of this team of villains from the show:

I have been wanting Marvel to bring the Masters of Evil into the MCU ever since I've seen this show. Ever since Sony announced that they were doing Sinister Six and DC doing Suicide Squad in 2016, I felt like this could have been Marvel's villain-based film. But we won't be getting that so here's how I think we can get these guys in the MCU. The team's roster will be altered of course, as it is in the comics, games and various T.V. appearances.

Baron Zemo

I think that Zemo needs to be the leader of this team if they do in fact get into the MCU. However, Loki was actually on the team and pulling the strings in the show. Bad guys don't just turn good, while Loki formed the Avengers, I think he could be doing the same for Masters of Evil.

Zemo is ruthless and Captain America's villain. I totally thought that's who Daniel Bruhl was going to be in Captain America: Civil War. He's one of Cap's oldest enemies, WWII old. And since the Captain does have flashbacks in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Zemo very well could be in one of those. We still don't even know if he is in the film [Captain America: Civil War] yet or not. He hasn't been confirmed but he hasn't been ruled out, either. I really want to see this character in there.

Next up,

Enchantress and Executioner

These two! Why weren't these two in the first Thor!? They are major characters in the Thor universe. Unjustifiably, they weren't in Avengers, then they weren't seen anywhere in Thor 2 and now they probably won't be in Avengers 2 (I mention this film because Thor goes to Asgard at some point). These two dark villains are long overdue in my opinion. I'm absolutely certain they will be in Thor 3 along with Beta-Ray Bill and Valkyrie (neither character is confirmed, it's just a huge want of mine).

These two aren't just henchmen to Zemo, they're Asgardians, they ain't takin' crap from any mortal. They both happened to be henchmen of Loki in the show.



Easy one. He is already established in the MCU. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. confirmed that he was locked up somewhere in Alaska. I always thought that when H.Y.D.R.A. was revealed, he got out. Not entirely sure. Seeing as he's the only Master of Evil in the MCU right now, it'll be pretty easy to get an end credit scene hinting him in one of these movies.

Let's get Whirlwind in there!

If memory serves, he's never actually been a Master of Evil. Not in the show anyway. I'm absolutely certain that we will see him as David Cannon (his real name) in [Ant-Man](movie:9048). He is a villain to the Wasp. Evangeline Lilly will be Wasp - Hope Van Dyne in the movie. This would be a joint rights thing. He is a mutant, but a mainstay villain of the Wasp.

Crimson Dynamo

In Iron Man 2, Anton Vanko is Ivan Vanko's (Whiplash) father. Ivan is dead in the movie and so is Anton. I'm not entirely sure how they would pull of Crimson Dynamo, but I'm sure they could do with minimal problems. The idea of recreating Iron Man suits is a popular idea in the MCU. Remember the first two Iron Man films and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Let's get back to Loki

He does have a part in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He could be very well be starting to form the Masters of Evil. We don't know what role he will play in the film just yet. During the movie, I highly doubt that we will see Loki revealing himself as Odin. That would kind of take away from Ultron, their main villain and obstacle. We could, maybe, even see him talking to Enchantress and Executioner about setting a plan to start the Masters of Evil.

The point of this post was to get the idea out there and get those fellow fan-boy/gal brains thinking, Masters of Evil!? I'm IN! You want to see a different roster? Go on right ahead and make a post because I would love to read it!

On another note...people keep saying that there is a mystery film out there. There's not. [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) was just moved up a few months. If there was to be a mystery film however, it would be AWESOME if it was the Masters of Evil! That would put three villain-based films in one year. July would have been the release date of said mystery film. That would be too cool. It could even be the movie directly after Civil War.


Would you want to see Masters of Evil?


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