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The cast of the Suicide Squad has already been announced, but the the boss lady herself, "The Wall" aka Amanda Waller has not. Waller is the tough as nails, I've got a bigger gun than you, I'll kill you without a thought government agent. You really don't want to mess with her or you'll end up dead like poor Black Spider in Batman: Assault on Arkham...

*Coughs* Headless...

Now there have been rumors that maybe Oprah Winfrey will be cast, but you know like I know that rumors can never really be proven until the very end. Sorry Oprah.

So until anything is confirmed here is a list of possible "The Wall" candidates.

C.C. H. Pounder

Angela Bassett

Gabourey Sidibe


Octavia Spencer

Pam Grier

Queen Latifah

Regina King

Viola Davis

Tachina Arnold

So there you have it! A short list of Amanda Waller could be's. What do you think? Who's not on the list? Who should play Amanda Waller?


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