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Alright! The Fantastic Four reboot plot details have finally been revealed! I've been waiting for this moment! I'm a bit soso with my thoughts on the new FF film. On one hand, I love Fantastic Four and it has got a great cast! On the other hand, 20th Century Fox is taking a bit too much of creative license here, and they might end up changing FF for the worse. These plot details however, totally change my point of view!

Described as a "contemporary re-imagining" of Marvel's original and longest-running superhero team, [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) centers on four teenagers, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, who teleport to an alternate universe. It's there they get their powers, as the change of universes rearranges their body structure and changes their physical form in many ways.

Please, contain your excitement Willy -__-
Please, contain your excitement Willy -__-

After returning back from the universe, they find that they must use their new abilities against a friend turned enemy. Who, by the way, is almost certainly Doctor Doom.

First off, this plot sounds awesome! The alternate universe element opens up not only a world full of possibilities for any Fantastic Four sequels, but also for any X-Men movies as well! You see, FF and the X-Men are both currently owned by 20th Century Fox. And though nothing has been revealed, chances are they're going to be in the same cinematic universe. It'd be downright foolish of 20th to separate the properties they've been given! How else will we get a Wolverine and Thing overkill mash-up?

Look at this 20th! And tell me you don't want it!
Look at this 20th! And tell me you don't want it!

So since their most likely going to be in the same universe, this means that any alternate universe Fantastic Four ventures to, the X-Men should be able to as well. Perhaps we could see some conflict between the two universes? Maybe some hero or villain from the alternate universe will travel to the main universe just to cause mayhem! We could even see some pretty epic hero vs. alternate self matches in the near future!

Despite what you think of 20th Century Fox and their superhero films, you have to admit they're going the right way by using the alternate universe theory. If Fantastic Four does well, it would help their entire franchise of superhero films (not to mention the upcoming Deadpool film)! If it doesn't however, it's a pretty big gamble; but it will definitely pay off in the end, if done right.

We could have an entire other superhero universe to look forward to! One that includes not only Deadpool, the F4 and the X-men, but different iterations of those characters as well! We could see evil Charles Xavier, Brute (An alternate universe Reed Richards where he's basically a purple Hulk), and Mustached Wolverine!

The best at what I do. But what I do isn't shave!
The best at what I do. But what I do isn't shave!

Though it won't be as good as the MCU connected universe, the 20CU might be worthwhile after all! Guess we'll have to see when Fantastic Four releases next year if it truly has a spot in 20th's superhero plans.

So what do you guys think? Could FF be the start of a huge 20th connected superhero universe?


Is FF the start of something bigger?


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