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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED ABOUT THIS. This is just me saying why I think he could do the job. No progress with Cumberbatch so far.

1. He's played a hero before.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Say what you want about the movies, this man smashed his role in both movies. This would honestly be no different than Chris Evans. He was Human Torch now Captain America. Not only has he played another hero, he's played one that can fit the age. Marvel needs an actor with experience, not some young actor. He's 41 right now. He played a much older character when he was Reed Richards. He could make a great Stephen Strange.

2. He's a great actor

Forever, is an ABC show that is currently airing. I haven't really gotten around to watching it yet, but it looks great. In that show, he solves murders. Not too far from what we would do as [Doctor Strange](movie:559685). Strange is a surgeon in the Marvel Universe. He is a kind of unknown, but great actor. Catch him in Castle, Fantastic Four and IMDB him if you are really curios.

Problem being this though

I haven't heard anything about Marvel talking to him or if he was even interested.

Also, his schedule wouldn't be free. He's working on two 2015 movies and still doing Forever.

I JUST WANT SOMEONE AS DOCTOR STRANGE ALREADY! I just wanted to get this out there. Mainly to the awesome contributor on here. I would like your opinion on if he would be a good Doctor Strange. I think he could pull it off, but a professional opinion is always great!(:


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