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Many people have pointed out that Lizzie's death bore an eerie resemblance to the tragic ending of "Of Mice & Men". I decided to explore this further.

Lennie & Lizzie: Two very similar sounding names.

Rabbits: Lennie was obsessed with having rabbits someday, to pet & tend to. Lizzie murdered two rabbits in the woods.

I Thought You Were Mad: Moments before their deaths, Lizzie and Lennie both worried that Carol and George were mad at them, respectively.

Curly's Wife/Mika: The two killed another human being they cared for, provoking their deaths, but killed them without malicious intent.

These are actually the only ones I can find presently, but if you have any I forgot or simply didn't know, I beg you to mention them in the comments! Thank you, and good day!


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