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Spoilers: Don't Read if you haven't watch S18. E9.

[South Park](series:200459) is a show that loves to walk the lines of socially acceptable and unacceptable behavior and jokes. But South Park is very smart at discussing real world issues with comedy. I'm someone who watches South Park for the comedic side but also to see the effect of real issues and the extent that they can reach. For tonight's episode, I will discuss the three top issues including the music business, gaming, and the advancement of technologies.

Issues of the Music Business

Firstly, the South Park pokes fun at the music business by showing beef between Lorde and Iggy Azalea. They get into a cat fight but the real issue is what some of these artists, more specifically female artists are driven to do. For example, Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears both did some out of line things during performances.

Iggy Azalea getting into a fight with Lorde
Iggy Azalea getting into a fight with Lorde

During the episode, Lorde started to perform sexual acts on stage that ruined her image. The manager told her that it wasn't about selling music but was about the comments.

This is the issue now with the music business because they longer want to make music that will last forever but make music that will be one hit singles or will get the most attention. At times, it is not even about the music but about the attention the individual will get.

Many artists, more specifically female artists do outrageous acts to get attention to help boost music sales. Firstly, the music at times isn't worth buying due to the poor quality of the writing and production. Instead of focusing on attention and making money, there should be focus on writing music that will make legends that will live forever.

From Season 18 Episode 3, Lorde Performs
From Season 18 Episode 3, Lorde Performs

Some legends that were brought to the stage for performances include Michael Jackson 2 Pac. They are both artists that changed their genre of music by creating music that continues to live on, even when they are gone.

The main issue with the music business today that will be impossible to fix but will continue to get worse, is the need to earn the most money and get the most attention. Soon enough music will die out because none of the music will live on even after the artists die.

Hopefully, there are still those few real artists that don't change when fame comes their way but continue to make music instead of fame.

Issues of the Gaming World

The next issue comes to the gaming world and the online world that children have become a part of. The new Modern Warfare comes out and Kyle wants to spend the day playing the new game but finds his brother watching Pewdie Pie comment on the game play instead.

Kyle realizes that the life he knew is changing from a life of playing video games in the living room with the company of family and friends to the life of watching people commentate on video games.

When Kyle discusses the issues with the other boys (Stan, Kenny, and Cartman), Cartman takes the idea of commentating to a whole other level. Cartman starts to commentate on people who commentate.

Cartman commentates on commentary
Cartman commentates on commentary

The real issue with commentary videos on gaming is that it prevents interactions between individuals. Children and the younger generation have moved away from the idea of having hobbies and going out and started to move towards the idea of sitting behind a computer.

This changes society greatly because gaming and videos have stopped people from actually socializing. This is an issue that will continue to grow out of control to eventually the point where the world is too far gone.

Hopefully, there will be a generation that learns that there is more to life than sitting behind a computer or gaming system but until than we will have to see where this road leads us.

Issues of the Advancement of Technology

Lastly, the issues around the advancement of technology is a lot closer than we think and a lot scarier than we expect. In tonight's episode they discussed holograms by using Michael Jackson first to perform in place of out of control pop performers.

The use of Michael Jackson reflects on both the issues of the music business and the the advancement of technology. MJ escapes and roams around the city trying to get to a destination. To get MJ back, they use an other hologram of 2 Pac.

Michael Jackson on the bus to his destination
Michael Jackson on the bus to his destination

The issue is that technology is advancing so quickly that we now have artificial intelligence. A lot of people will find that quite amazing and exciting but in reality this is quite scary. Personally, I'm in fear of artificial intelligence becoming on sale for public use because when technology is able to think on its own, there is no knowing what can happen.

We can think back to movies like the Terminator or iRobot, where technology was a threat to the human race. This could possibly happen and we have no clue how near or how far this reality can be.

The only solution would to slow down the advancement of technology but that is nearly impossible because human beings love having new things and technology is so ingrained in the world today that we would need to advance technology.

All we can do is sit back and watch what will happen but it's important to speak up to protect ourselves.

In conclusion, these three top issues in the episode are real issues that go underline in everyone's life because we don't see it is an issue. Seeing in the episode, shows the extent of the issues and how serious some of them are.

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