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After being entranced by Delena's rain kiss a few episodes ago, cravings for more of The Vampire Diaries' favorite ship have reached fever pitch. But while their relationship falters in the show, we will just have to make do with bygone memories.

But, do you agree with my list of the hottest, most romantic Delena moments ever?

Heart-melt Motel

Episode: Season 3, Episode 19, "Heart of Darkness"

Why it deserves a spot in the top Delena moments: You can cut the sexual tension with a knife at the beginning of this scene while the starcrossed lovers catch eyes across the room, and the resulting make out session was one of the most explosive ever because of it.

Best quote: "Why not?"

Song to remember the moment by: Florence and the Machine- Never Let me Go.


Death Defying Romance

Episode: Season 2, Episode 22 – “As I Lay Dying”

Why it deserves a spot in the top Delena moments : Damon might be sweatier than an alcoholic at a brewery, but this moment was a perfect season finale to pave the road for a new, closer Delena.

When Elena forgives him and kisses him, it is impossible not to melt into a pile of slush.

Best quote: When Elena tells Damon he doesn't deserve to die and he says "I do Elena and it's okay. Because if I had chosen differently, I wouldn't have met you."

Song to remember the moment by: Levi Kreis - I Should Go.


A Necklace and a Promise

Episode: Season 2, Episode 8 - "Rose"

Why it deserves a spot in the top Delena moments: Ask any Delena fan their favorite scene and this one is always in the top three.

Damon tucks his selfish nature to one side to do what's best for Elena, and to this day, it is probably the most selfless thing he has ever done for her. Simply beautiful... And incredibly frustrating!

Best quote: "I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And, it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you".

Song to remember the moment by: Sleepstar - I was wrong


Sizzling Passion

Episode: Season 4, Episode 7 - "My Brother's Keeper"

Why it deserves a spot in the top Delena moments: We have been waiting four and half seasons for Delena to consummate their epic romance and then she rips his shirt off! Need I say more?

Best quote: "I don't ever think I've seen you more alive"

Song to remember the moment by: Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran


Episode: Season 6, Episode 7 - "Do You Remember the First Time?"

Why it deserves a spot in the top Delena moments: This might have only been a flashback, but this beautifully shot scene gave fans everything they love about Delena in 60 seconds.

There was fun, impulsiveness, passion, romance and a promise of enduring love. What more do you want?

Best quote: "Promise me this is forever."

Song to remember the moment by: Another Love - Tom Odell


What is your favorite Delena moment?


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