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Warning: Spoilers for the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Proceed at your own risk.

Watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead, there was a certain moment when I knew shit was going to go down, and that a certain character was unlikely to stay alive for much longer. No it wasn't Beth, it was Dawn. The reason I knew? The Rick Grimes Head Tilt Ⓡ.

Don't know what the Rick Grimes Head Tilt is? Let me familiarize you with the action that sealed Officer Dawn's fate:

Yep when Rick Grimes cocks his head to the side, it's almost a given that someone is going to die.

Poor old Officer Bob Lamson didn't fare too well with the head tilt

Nor did the Termites

Not even Gareth could escape the head cock

Heck, if we go back a few seasons we might even have found the real reason poor Lori ended up dead...

The Rick Grimes Head Tilt is definitely an action to fear, and I have a feeling that we'll see a lot more of it in seasons to come, especially now that dark Rick has been fully introduced. Rick Grimes and his head tilt are not to be taken lightly!


Do you think we'll see a lot of The Rick Grimes Head Tilt in the second half of Season 5?

Source: Screencapped, Ricky Grimes


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