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Mark Newton

What springs to mind when you think of John McClane and Die Hard? White tank tops? Yippee Ki Yay? Mr. Takagi? What about artwork?

It turns out John McClane's increasingly outrageous action adventures have been the muses for several pieces of fan art. Here's some of the best:

Mechanical Pencil John McClane

By Art-Kyd

Oh, How He's Changed

By FeiGiap

Graphic Novel Style Die Hard

By thisismyboomstick

And Again With Color

By SpicerColor

Venting Some Creative Frustration

By Jimbeanus

Fire Escape

By TheMonkeyYouWant

Minimalist Alternative Poster

By PurityOfEssence

Die Hard With A Pen-Gence

By sharpiemark

And Now For Something Completely Different...

By MooreD3

Now. Who's in the mood to watch Die Hard?


Which is your favorite piece of Die Hard fan art?


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