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If you've ever wanted to pay homage to the very spot where took place, or sit on a bench that has previously supported Ian Somerhalder's buttocks in the Mystic Grill, you really can!

Mystic Falls is as real as our passion for the TV show, it just happens to have another name in its day job as a regular town...

So, let's take a field trip to Covington near Atlanta, Georgia and see what is really on offer for fans who want to make the hallowed pilgrimage to the set of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853).

First, lets have a look at the buildings that you can actually visit:

The Mystic Grill

It's glaring obvious to any Vampire Diaries fan that the Mystic Grill is a real building, but did you know that you can actually go and have a steak there?

The beloved vampire hangout might be toast in the TV series, but in real life the grill is actually a thriving restaurant that is also occasionally frequented by TVD stars.

Kat Graham at the Mystic Grill in October 2014
Kat Graham at the Mystic Grill in October 2014

You can flip through all of their pictures and see just how much you recognize on the official Facebook group HERE.

Mystic Falls Cemetery

It's impossible to forget the first episode that drew us into the Vampire Diaries and just how much it centered around the Cemetery, but Elena wasn't writing her diary surrounded by polystyrene replicas.

Mystic Falls cemetery is very much a real resting place for Covington's dead that anybody is welcome to visit in the town.

The Gilbert House

The Gilbert house might have burned down in Season 4, but it is still very much standing in the real life Mystic Falls.

Unfortunately, you can't go inside because some lucky people actually live here, but don't worry, most of the interior shots were sets anyhow.

The Salvatore Boarding House

The Salvatore boarding house's alter ego in real life is Glenridge Hall which is in Sandy Springs, close to Covington.

The historic mansion was built by the Mayson family in 1924, long before the vampires moved in!

You can also visit Caroline's house, Bonnie's Grandma's house, the witch house, and some of the sets created for the high school if you so choose to make the pilgrimage!

Although you are perfectly welcome to wander around the town on your own, it is recommended to go on a tour to increase your chances of interactions with the VD crew during filming season.

The most critically acclaimed local tour is by Vampire Stalkers and costs just $55 dollars. Check out their website HERE.


Would you visit Mystic Falls on vacation?

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