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The definition of masculinity has changed a lot over the years, but manliness is very much alive and well in many different guises.

While it's unlikely your man can re-assemble an engine or do 80 chin ups, I bet he's showing off his masculine nature in some of the following 11 ways...

11. A Fascination with Fire

Anywhere that you see flames, I can guarantee that a man will the one fanning them.

Whether it's standing triumphantly in the glow of the most gargantuan bonfire in the neighborhood or turning sausages on the BBQ, the modern man just can't get enough of burning things.

10. Diaper Warriors

While the very idea of changing a diaper used to be considered emasculating, now a particularly explosive diaper dump is often utilized as a way for a man to show his true mettle.

9. Lord of the Flat Pack

Don't ever stand in the way of a man and his flat pack, because you will never be right. Even if you totally are.

There is something about the challenge of a bag of near identical screws and the achievement of building a piece of furniture at the end that sends the modern man into a home making frenzy.

Don't even bother telling him the handle is supposed to go on the other way around, you can change it later and let him revel in his handicraft!

8. Kitchen Craftsman

We are all familiar with the horrendously sexist phrase that proclaims a woman's place is in the kitchen, but thankfully, men have realized it can be kind of fun in there too!

Rustling up a meal that could stand up to a tasting with Gordon Ramsey is a badge of pride for a huge number of modern guys. Their specialism is generally meat sweats.

7. Programming the Tivo Box

I don't know what it is about that remote control, but there is something about the arrangement of the buttons that make it absolutely irresistible to mankind.

6. Gentleman of the Gym

You're pretty sure he spends most of his time there using the sauna and chatting with his bros, but the gym is an undisputed temple of modern manliness.

5. Beards!

Most modern men don't have jobs felling mighty oaks these days, but that doesn't mean they can't look like the most manly lumberjack that ever lived.

4. A Chorus of Chanting

Get one dude chanting... And they will all follow. Guaranteed.

3. Lending an Ear

Even the most modern of men find it difficult to speak out about their feelings a lot of the time, but they will always be there to listen to the problems of those closest to them.

2. Not Asking for Directions at All Costs

The iPhone knows better than the locals in the area, even if it does only have 3 percent battery. Okay?

The modern man often still has a huge sense of pride in his ability to navigate the far flung corners of his domain, and it is worth getting lost for four hours to maintain this. Apparently.

1. Having Way Too Many Gadgets

Speaking of the iPhone... The ultimate manifestation of the modern man is an impressive collection of largely unnecessary gadgets.

He might not need a watch to monitor his heart-rate on his morning jog, or that weird thing off QVC to dice his carrots, but they do make life a little bit more James Bond, and it's hard to argue that can be a bad thing!


Do you recognize a lot of the masculine foibles above?


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