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GTA V has been an extraordinary success on the Xbox One and PS4 after it dominated the PS3 and Xbox 360 last year. The rereleased title is stunning on NextGen consoles, and the latest videos that players and reviewers have created, like GTA 5 at night and GTA V Slow Mo Remastered (which if you haven't seen needs to be loaded immediately), demonstrate the great following for its move to NextGen.

Rockstar will continue to improve on the game and GTA online, but now that this enormous task is behind them, what lies ahead? Will Rockstar take us to the land of GTA 6, maybe even Red Dead Redemption 2 or perhaps a brand new IP? What would YOU like to see?

GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption 2 or New IP?

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar holds one of the most extraordinary reputations in gaming history. Every step they make is continuously in the right direction, but which path should they explore next? Are you more inclined to return to a series we've seen before with the likes of GTA 6, Max Payne 4 or Red Dead Redemption 2? Or would you like to seem them try something new like they did with the great L.A. Noire?

Personally, I'd be more inclined to see either of the latter. Red Dead Redemption is personally Rockstar's greatest achievement, with GTA V following remarkably close behind. Red Dead brought me to a land I thought I'd never be able to explore, and then filled it with depth, amazing characters and a world and narrative that is almost impossible to match.

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

How could I not want to return to a world like the one that John Marston navigated? I long to return to a title like RD more than any GTA landscape. Any Rockstar game is likely to make an insane amount of money, though of course GTA is their larger franchise. Perhaps there will be pressure placed upon them to create GTA 6.

But then we also have the case of a new IP. L.A. Noire was a really interesting digression for the studio. It demonstrated some of the greatest facial animations we still have in gaming, and a taught storyline with some interesting gaming mechanics made it a pleasure to experience.

L.A. Noire
L.A. Noire

I'm certainly not calling for an L.A. Noire sequel, that's not something I feel would work for the company at all. But they've demonstrated that they have such an exuberant imagination and endless creativity at their disposal when it comes to either creating a new game or populating an enormous map like GTA V's.

I for one would leave to see Rockstar take a break from their franchises and give us something fresh and exciting. But this is where I want you guys to take over! What would you like from Rockstar next? Will GTA 6 satisfy your every need? Or do you long for something new? Let us know in the comments!

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