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Have you ever wondered just how much your job is affecting your relationship? Are you starting to notice just how much those conference calls in bed, late nights at the office and constant date cancellations are damaging the very heart of your home life? Is Liz Lemon even more your spirit animal than usual?

Well, if so - you're not alone. The balance of career and home life is one of the biggest dilemmas of the modern age, and one of the hardest to resolve.

So, to offer something of a helping hand, here, for your sneaky-break-in-the-restroom-while-your-boss-isn't-looking reading pleasure, are ten signs that your career is starting to hurt your relationship.

First up...

1. You keep meaning to plan a romantic gesture - but then you get called into yet another meeting

As it turns out, it's surprisingly difficult to organize a romantic meal for two while your boss is giving you hell about net profits.

2. You dream about office work way more than your significant other (or anything else)

Now, on the one hand, this makes total sense - especially if that work dream is more of a nightmare - but on the other, it sometimes feels like you're spending all day and night thinking about work.

3. You end up eating leftovers more often than you get to actually eat with your partner

Whether it's week-old Chinese food, or what's left from the romantic meal you had to cancel, it never feels good.

4. You never get 'intimate' on a school night anymore

After all, you've got that big presentation in the morning. Some things just have to wait for the weekend.

5. You've missed at least one Birthday/Anniversary/Holiday in the last year because of work

Either through forgetting, because you're so busy, or through having to cancel last minute after your boss threw yet another pile of paperwork on your desk.

6. Your last date night didn't start till 10pm

Though, on the plus side, at least you made it to this one.

7. You know more about your best work friend's kids than about your partner's work

True, the kids are way cuter, but that annual work picnic is starting to get awkward.

8. You last did a load of laundry in 2012

It's awesome that your partner's willing to pick up the slack, but it's still hard not to feel bad when your clothes end up (kind of terribly) ironed and ready for you in the morning.

9. You have to party so hard come Friday night that you barely see your significant other on the weekend

Hangovers suck, but they suck even more when they're stopping you from seeing your partner clearly.

10. You spend half your work day thinking about how much you miss them

And the other half trying to get done on time so you can get home to them. Which, of course, never works out.

The good thing, though, at the end of the day?

They still love you, no matter what - after all, that's what best friends are for.

What do you think, though?


Is your career damaging your relationship?

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