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Rob Harris

Sega's Dreamcast was largely a commercial disaster, but the gaming experiences it delivered in its shot life-span were some of most memorable of the generation. Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are still some of my favorite games of all time and will go down in the history books as true classics. To commemorate the system's illustrious history, the extremely talented artist Oskunk has painted some stunning custom controllers and consoles! Check these bad boys out...

Sonic Adventure

Sega's iconic blue mascot is, quite rightly, given his own console to play with. I love the spinning effect applied to the disc tray!

Samba de Amigo

Amigo is rocking out on his maracas, with the series' Spanish-inspired art style applied beautifully.

Space Channel 5

I never quite understood what was going on in this hyper-surreal rhythm game, but the art sure looks incredible.

Jet Set Radio

The spray-painting rollerbladers in Jet Set Radio are some of the most original character designs I've ever seen in games, and Oskunk has captured Gum's attitude here perfectly!


Which console would you have?


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