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With Dragon Age: Inquisition all wrapped up (aside from a bugs and fixes here and there that need addressing) Bioware, and ourselves included, can begin to look away from Dragons and Qunari and fix our sights on the stars and galaxies above us.

Bioware haven't given us any information or news on Mass Effect 4 since its announcement at E3 (aside from some pretty cool concept art), so this new piece of information, though admittedly small, is the first word we've heard about how ME's future is shaping up. On a side note, are you in the middle of Dragon Age: Inquisition? If you are, let us know! I'm just over 60 hours into my adventure as a Qunari :D

Mass Effect 4 and the Future of ME on Xbox One and PS4!

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

According to industry insider, with the username Shinbo602 on NeoGAF, Mass Effect 4 is going to be an ME adventure like none before in terms of scale: "One of the new game’s core pillars is ‘epic scale’. ME1’s uncharted worlds done right" He stated that the next title features a strong sense of exploration, sense of discovery, beautiful unique lands and so many awesome additions to the formula.

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Shinobi has a tremendous track record when it comes to this sort of thing, and he's been rather confident with his statements, telling one commenter to bookmark the page to compare it with the official future news release from Bioware. My god I really hope we see them at the Playstation Experience or the Video Game Awards!!

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

With the idea of a greater sense of exploration behind the development of Mass Effect 4 for the Xbox One and PS4, we can see how Bioware's unveiling of concept art is in line with this guy's statements! As you can see below, Bioware were keen to show of the Mako's placement in the game as it will more than likely have an increased presence.

As long it's nothing like the missions we had with it in Mass Effect 1, my god were they boring! I have faith that Bioware are sure to expand upon its inclusion into Mass Effect 4. Perhaps we'll see worlds like we have in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Wide open plains with huge potential for free exploration, rather than just a large rock floating rock in space.

Mass Effect 4 Concept Art
Mass Effect 4 Concept Art

What do you think of this information? Would you like to see an increased degree of exploration in Mass Effect 4? Or are you happy with the formula they have in their other ME titles? Let us know what you want from Mass Effect 4 in the comments!


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