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Since Ian Somerhalder told TV Line that he thought their was potential for romance to develop between Bonnie and Damon, Bamon fans have been in an absolute frenzy, but could it ever really happen?

If you missed the quote in question about the pair's blatantly obvious chemistry from Somerhalder, it reads:

There’s an extraordinary thin line between love and hate. Due to the fact that these two hated each other, and had so many connections … it only seemed appropriate that they would be given a chance, due to the dynamics of their relationship.

Although a lot of fans think that Ian was referring to their relationship in 1994 and how they were given a chance to build a bond, Bonnie shippers argue that it seems usual to release an interview about something that has already happened...

But how could this romance really come about without totally upsetting the entire [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) apple cart?

I'm inclined to think that it is kind of impossible right now, for the following kind of obvious reasons.

Jeremy Would Be Devastated

Jeremy has only just started pulling himself together and managed to accept Bonnie's death... Only to be told by Elena that she is very much alive.

If Bonnie came back and swanned off with Damon, it might just kill him. Unless of course, he can never forgive her for leaving him in so much pain with only a phone call to say good bye.

The Elena Storyline

Sure, Elena has had all of her memories of Damon removed, but the pair are becoming closer once more and it is clear Delena being reunited is somewhat the focus of this series.

Damon starting to date Elena's best friend is hardly going to help bring this distant pair together, although maybe things will have to get a lot rougher before they smooth out again.

It would make the conclusion even more satisfying.

Too Many Storylines Spoil the Broth

As usual there is already so much going on in Mystic Falls that it's hard to keep track. Whether Damon and Bonnie have an illicit affair, or start openly dating in the face of controversy, this will be yet another thing to follow.

As Season 5 showed us, with its overcrowded and confusing storylines, sometimes less is more, and from the sounds of the upcoming witchy goings on, we are going to need Bonnie to be fully on her game.

Understandably, I would imagine dating Damon could be a bit distracting...

Why Didn't They Take Their Chance Already?

I know it might have been distracting being trapped in a bygone decade , but why didn't Damon and Bonnie take a chance on each other already?

I guess with Damon being fixated on Elena, he didn't have time to let love for anybody else into his heart.

Could he have realized his true feelings for Bonnie now that he has realized he was looking at the Elena situation with a rose tinted view?


Do you think Bamon genuinely have a chance?

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