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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Playstation is twenty years old (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU GREY BOX OF JOY!) and in celebration, Playstation Access, the UK finger on the fist of Playstation branded awesomeness, teamed up with YouTube musical virtuoso SquidPhysics to create a musical hi5 to the nostalgic centre in your brain.

Hello, old friend.
Hello, old friend.

Tearing through the Playstation's massive catalogue, and I mean all four consoles, Access and SquidPhysics have released a seven minute musical medley video comprising of fifteen of the most iconic game themes released on the platform. I've got shivers down my spine now just thinking about it!

That was great, wasn't it? Did you recognize many or any of them? I recognized about seven of them on my first listen. How about you, reader? I pass the baton to you...

How many themes did you recognize?

Answers in the comments please, you plucky detectives!

(Source: Playstation Access)


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