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Hi, guys I decided to introduce you perfect villain that Doctor Strange could face in incoming Marvel film. After reading a lot of comics from 60's I find out that most of villains are shallow and have not real motive to destroy world, rule it or whatever.

There were few of them like Galactus, which need our planet to feed himself.

So, when Dr Strange start to fight Baron Mordo that also was disciple of Ancient One (the mightiest black magic master), but as it occurs he decided to kill both Ancient One and Strange.

Baron Mordo
Baron Mordo

Here comes the surprise, Strange of course beat him few times and somehow Baron Mordo rises his powers to some unimaginable level. How it happened and how to fight him back was the idea at the begginig. While I was reading it I was sure that it was some sort of magical stuff, which gave him that power.

It was revealed that behind Mordo stands...



Dormammu was forbidden to enter our world after Doctor Strange beats him once. Dr Strange forced Dormammu to make an oath to never enter our dimension as long as Strange lives.

Dormammu whose power was nearly beyond description. Strange was forced to hide and run from them. Then Ancient One that was very sick and fell in coma some time before Mordo gets his additional powers (as it occured lately Dormammu cast that spell) murmured few words during sleep.


"... Ethernity ... "

So the only one way to fight back Mordo with Dormammu was to find this Ethernity, but how if only one person that could tell how to achieve that was in coma.

Shortly Strange was trying to get this knowledge, but after few adventures came to Ancient One and decided to penetrate his mind to talk with him and get this knowledge.

Dr Strange enters Ancient One mind
Dr Strange enters Ancient One mind

After talk with his master he enter Ethernity dimension.

There his only hope... fall.

Ethernity told him that he will get nothing from it, but probably Strange himself has a power to overcome both Mordo and Dormammu.

Then when he returns he find out that Ancient One was captured by Mordo, so he had to confrontated him.

Long battle, where Strange overcome Mordo by wisdom.


Dormammu decided to summon Strange to his dimension and challenge him.

Where overconfident Dormammu decided to use only fraction of his power to make this battle more distinguished.

Dr Strange beats Dormammu
Dr Strange beats Dormammu

After Mordo interference and Dormammu angriness (he send Mordo to punishment dimension) somehow with a bit of wisdom and much luck Strange overcome Dormammu and as a winner forbid Dormammu to ever use his power against Earth.

So guys I think we need that story in Dr Strange film in 2016. I hope it will be this, but anyway I will be happy that Strange finally appear in CMU.

Film in 2016!
Film in 2016!

Can't wait!


Will we meet Dormammu?


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