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No more Bond 24, now you can call [Spectre](movie:660009) to a film directed by the Academy Award Winner Sam Mendes that will be released next November 6th.

Although this morning some casting gossip has been confirmed, there were another announcements in the 007 event such as the new car, the name of some characters, shooting locations and... the first teaser poster.

If this is not the first Bond movie you'll ever watch, then I'm almost sure you know SPECTRE is the name of the most iconic criminal organization in 007's mythology. It is commanded by the evil Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a role that lots of sites insist will be reprised this time by Christoph Waltz (despite IMDb and Deadline report the actor will play Oberhauser).

For many films, Blofeld's appearence was a mistery
For many films, Blofeld's appearence was a mistery

But we have to remember that with Skyfall, Sam Mendes finally decided to do what Martin Cambell (Casino Royale) and Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) couldn't: to successfully reboot the plot of the entire James Bond series respecting the identity of the characters and the legacy of Ian Fleming's creation.

So, if SPECTRE is going to be the first movie where we are completely aware that 007's universe has been rebooted , well it's not crazy to think Sam Mendes could recreate to modern audiences some of the most shocking and important moments of the past Bond movies.

Like when James got married with Tracy di Vicenzo.

Tracy was the only daughter or one of the powerful allies of Blofeld, Draco. When Blofeld's plans are destroyed by James (in the only movie George Lanzenby starred, On Her Majesty's Secret Service) , Blofeld makes a last and desperate move: to kill the only woman James has ever truly loved.

But what does all this have to do with the new Daniel Craig movie? Well, remember the first teaser poster? It seems to be a windshield broken by the impact of a bullet. And yes, the broken glass created the illusion of the SPECTRE logo.

BUT... what if this is the way Sam Mendes is trying to tell us that we will see the tragic death of James Bond's wife again? Whether she's called Tracy or not. Remember, although Monica Belluci is still one of the hottest actresses on the world right now, she's very close to the age Craig has, and no one denies they would make a great cinematic couple.

I guess... we have all the time in the world to figure it out.


Do you think Sam Mendes is remaking this painful episode of Bond's history?


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