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Emilio Largo (Thunderball)

Why he’s bad: Blackmails western world with two stolen atomic bombs; has private swimming pool full of sharks; tortures his own mistress.

Why we like him: Has private swimming pool full of sharks; named his ultra-high tech yacht Disco Volante, aka flying saucer in Italian; he can actually pull off looking suave in a pair of shorts; he’s holding the world at ransom, while loafing around the Bahamas.

Francisco Scaramanga (The Man with the Golden Gun)

Why he’s bad: Wants to kill James Bond (we don’t like that); runs an international crime organisation; kills people for money.

Why we like him: He’s living the dream on his private island; he likes to challenge himself (taking on 007 is always a sign you’re reaching for the stars my boy); he’s got a (really) cool gun; he’s got a (really) cool flying car.

Elektra King (The World is not Enough)

Why she’s bad: Kills her father to take over his oil business; runs shady business deals; makes Bond upset; tortures Bond.

Why we like her: She is possibly the sexiest torturer Bond could have hoped for; she is probably the sexiest villain Bond could have hoped for; she’s a successful, independent female entrepreneur; she kidnaps M (that takes some balls).

Raoul Silva (Skyfall)

Why he’s bad: Humiliates MI6 (we don’t like that); kills M; blows up James’ childhood memories in the form of Skyfall lodge, cheats at his own shoot the whisky off the girl’s head game.

Why we like him: That sexual chemistry with Bond; he has every right to be angry due to the whole M betrayed me, cyanide messed my face up saga; he kills M (controversial, but it was time for Ralph Fiennes to step up, plus we got a nice emotional kick out of it); he’s the reason Bond comes back from the dead.

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