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Arrow has been running for the past three years and to be frank it has blown everyone away. From the dark batman like approach to the cute and bubbly Felicity Smoak, the show is doing everything right. Just yesterday supposedly the biggest crossover event finished and to be honest left us excited about the future of the DC Superhero universe. As I watch on episode after episode of Arrow I ask myself will I be able to watch any Justice League movies without complaining about how they kept their greatest asset away from their golden arrow to their fans heart.

Believe it or not there is one man behind all that is possible with the future of the DC Universe. His name is Stephen Amell, no one can argue that the charm, skills and acting he has bought to life is simply mind blowing and too good to lose. As the [Arrow](series:720988) he has taken superheroes to the next level, I love Flash but its impossible for me to ever put the Flash ahead over the Arrow now which seems ridiculous as the Arrow is only the green coloured batman with a bow and arrow. Stephen Amell has done something remarkable here, not often can you put [The Flash](series:1068303), a major superhero and the Arrow, a hero at the level of Iron Man before the 2008 birth of something grand. Right now Iron Man can make the crappiest of movies a box office king, the Arrow is DC's Iron Man and leaving him out will literally destroy their universe ( a bit exaggerated ). Superman is supposedly the most popular superhero so why are his movies not record breaking, Batman may earn money but honestly let Christopher Nolan take the credit for that. What DC needs is a good reputation of making good movies and bigger than that individual characters and personas people like Tony Stark have made. Stephen Amell as the actor and the Arrow is their chance to do that the quicker way.

One way or another Stephen Amell must be in Justice League Part 1, he is to big of character now, probably could give the movie Batman, [Aquaman](movie:264237), Cyborg and Flash a run for their money. I see Amell as a guy who could appear in a big time movie and still carry a TV Show, how you might ask, well as complicated as they make it seem its quite simple if they are desperate enough.

The Ways to get Stephen Amell/The Arrow to the other Earth.

John 'Diggle' Stewart
John 'Diggle' Stewart

1. Seeing as how brave John is on the Arrow, he could just become the John Stewart of the movie universe with a slight push here and there meaning Oliver goes with him.

2. The Flash (Grant Gustin) may be the only realistic way for Ollie to end up in Gotham as time travel seems likely, there must be the possibility of travelling through different universes/earths.

Although this may cause my most beloved TV show to end I can't the fact that Stephen Amell doesn't get what he deserves.

P.S First Article so very rusty and rough.


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