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Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, and yes Constantine. DC literally owns your basic TV prime time, that is except for Tuesday's at 8 p.m on ABC. Especially since CBS is picking up Supergirl. Monday gets Gotham, Tuesday get The Flash, Wednesday gets Arrow, and Thursday is probably going to get Supergirl, and Friday gets Constantine....

DC's control of the tube is pretty big, but there is a problem in the foreseen future, Crossovers. As we've seen in the Flash vs Arrow it's really cool when we see two hero's join forces. But the only potential crossovers are in the CW universe. Why? Simple, NETWORKS. Us fanboys and girls have seen this problem before, and it didn't end well. Marvel.

The answer to DC potentially failing is Marvel Cinema. The 2000's Spiderman, X-men, Fantastic Four, The Punisher, HULK,Daredevil,and Ghostrider. All of these movies changed the film industry, it made comics into reality. The problem came when Marvel sold out to companies like Sony and Fox, Marvel gave them pretty much complete control over their characters. Sure at the beginning of each movie was the big red MARVEL emblem plastered across the screen, but it wasn't truly Marvel film until Ironman came out. Everyone wanted to see Spidey hang with Fantastic Four, and Wolverine square of against the Hulk, but it never happened. Because there were to many companies who owned rights.

DC has a show on pretty much every network now. You do the Math. NBC and Fox don't exactly get along so don't look to see your favorite dabbler in the dark arts make an appearance on Gotham or Arrow.

Hopefully DC keep's expanding on the CW universe and cuts back and giving out characters to every fricken network it pleases. Marvel may be to big to fail, but DC isn't.


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