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I've written a lot of fan theories in my day, but to be honest, they just don't make 'em like they used to. It seems like everyone has a string of movie connections they want to proclaim as interesting, so most of us just shut these things out.

This isn't one of those fan theories.

Jason Concepcion is a writer at Grantland who has posited what could be the best fan theory of the year, at least in my opinion. He claims that Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) from the classic holiday films Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York eventually grows up to be Jigsaw from the Saw movie franchise.

Yes, the same series of movies about a serial killer who forces his victims to perform grotesque self-inflictions against themselves and each other.

You might be shaking your head at this concept. Impossible was probably the first word to enter your mind. I know, because I thought the same thing.

But Jason isn't just a fleeting blogger looking to generate a few shameless clicks. He's spent years on this theory, and it shows. I'll share the highlights, but you owe it to yourself to read the full spiel.

Jason's overview of the theory is below:

Throughout Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin displays anger-control issues, a proclivity for violent fantasies, and voyeuristic tendencies, combined with a fetish for recorded video.
Sound familiar?
Sound familiar?

That's not enough to lend credence to anything sinister, but it is an interesting connection between Kevin McCallister and John Kramer (one of Jigsaw's many aliases). To be clear, we never learn Jigsaw's true name in the films.

Rewind to the first Home Alone, and you'll see that Kevin's fascination with serial killers goes back to the first act, when he suspects Old Man Marley of being the "South Bend Shovel Slayer."

Jason begs that this isn't just curiosity. It's the makings of obsession.

Kevin makes some...interesting friends.
Kevin makes some...interesting friends.

A scene that is a bit more demonstrative goes back to Kevin's temper tantrum over the cheese pizza incident in Home Alone. Jason points out that Buzz, Kevin's bully of a brother, tells him that if he wants some cheese pizza, "someone is gonna have to barf it up."

Kevin proceeds to lash out physically at Buzz (the same event happens in Home Alone 2, by the way), in what Jason describes as a "murderous rage," despite Kevin being half Buzz's size.

But that's not all...

Kevin eventually orders his very own plain cheese pizza and delights in threatening the pizza boy with death, using snippets of dialogue replayed from a videotape to make the teen believe he’s about to be shot. After the pizza boy flees in fear for his very life, Kevin retrieves the pizza box and creepily hisses, “A lovely cheese pizza just for me.” Kevin would use this technique again to fend off one of the early incursions of thieves Harry and Marv.

If you're a fan of the Saw films, then I hope the gears are turning.

Jason points out several more instances of Kevin using recorded video to terrorize anyone he doesn't like or considers a "bully." As kids, we thought these scenes were just humorous. Good fun.

To Jason, they spell out something much darker.

This theory wouldn't have much weight, however, if it weren't for how....

Kevin experiences frequent realistic visual and auditory hallucinations, seeing the furnace in the basement as a ravenous fiery-mawed monster. This particular symptom of his psychosis would become important to his methodology as the serial killer Jigsaw.

Jason believes that this behavior, coupled with Kevin's "pathologically complicated home-defense mechanisms," is incredibly similar to Jigsaw's own meticulously designed traps.

The furnace alone is a clear link to the "metal-mouth" device used on Amanda in Saw.

As Jason points out:

In Saw II, Kevin/Jigsaw re-creates his childhood basement right down to the furnace monster. Jigsaw places the antidote to a poison inside the furnace, luring his victim inside. When the victim grabs the antidote, the furnace door shuts, and the victim is burned alive.

And in both sets of movies, the traps are triggered by the victims almost every time. Jason even acknowledges the frequent use of fire used by both Kevin and Jigsaw.

From there, Jason provides intense evidence that tries to prove Kevin fully intended to murder the invading thieves. It's pretty convincing, and definitely another blow against Kevin's supposed innocence, if nothing else. When you think about some of the traps he devised (including the nail sticking out of the stair), it's pretty clear that something was truly wrong with the kid.

And of course, the characters resemble each other enough for me to believe that it's at least possible: They both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and as you can see from the photo below, pretty much the same lazy stare.

Now if you want to read the last bit about Jason's theory that he claims to be the knockout punch, you'll have to check out his post, which goes into even more detail. Good luck.

Source: Grantland


Do you believe in the madness that is Kevin McCallister being the most notorious serial killer of our time?


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