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Once again the internet has gone nuts over a rumor. Speaking with this week, director James Gunn mentioned that spin-off movies featuring various Guardians of the Galaxy are a possibility and mentioned that Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the obvious choices for such a project. While all this was just talk and is in no way an indication of what is in the works, it did get me thinking; what Marvel spin-offs do I want to see? Marvel Studios has brought some amazing properties to the big screen, but I think they could stand to give some of the supporting characters a bit more love. Here’s my MCU fantasy draft:

I call myself a “Loki hipster”, I’ve been a fan for years and as much as I appreciate what Tom Hiddleston has done for the character, he is not the Loki I fell in love with. I’m talking about pissed off, grizzled old Loki who sits unapologetically on his usurped throne. I know it’s unrealistic to ask Marvel to retcon such a successful franchise, so why not a Loki-centric movie that falls between Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok that features the God of Mischief bringing about the inevitable fall of Asgard? The fan girls prove that there’s a market here. Think about it Marvel!

Nova / Richard Rider
Guardians of the Galaxy introduced us to the Nova Corps, so it’s not too much of a stretch to hope for a Nova movie somewhere down the line. Richard Rider gives the Nova Corps a human touch; chosen at random as a teenager only to become the last Nova standing, Rider’s story is heroic, compelling, and would make a valuable addition to the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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