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Horror is making an interesting mark in television. "American Horror Story "has been a smashing success, a "Scream" series is in the works, and now, "The Omen" is heading to the small screen.

But why stop there? Some other classic Horror films could make fascinating television shows for networks or cable. Here are seven films that could work.


There is a lot of history in this series: The Myers family, the Thorn curse, Laurie Strode, and the truth about Smith's Grove. In the 1979 novelization of the film, author Curtis Richards produced a rich background into the Halloween mythos, creating a strong history about the Myers family. If the writers use some of the elements for the book series, along with new stories, Halloween could be an awesome series.


A series based on Clive Barker's 1988 novella, Cabal, would be sublime. Watching Aaron Boone navigate through the mysterious underground world of Midian could provide some great stories. There are great characters to choose from Nightbreed and, if done correctly, Midian could be a fascinating to visit each week.

Night of the Demons

This was a simple story, but plenty of material to draw from. The series could play on the folklore besetting the haunted house, and why hundreds of demons were trapped there. The series could also focus on the heroine (Helen) and the semi-villain (Angela). Helen and Roger could become a demon hunters and meet other hunters. Angela could survive the demon possession or become a demon queen, and there could a bigger story brewing in the background. This series could easily go the “Supernatural” route… Just not for 10 seasons.


This film has all of the CW Network trappings: teens, drama, and something uncanny. The story will focus on American ballet student, Suzy Bannionn, arriving at the prestigious European dance academy. Throughout the series, she makes friends and enemies, and then learns about the dark coven who runs the school. Throw in some romance, Dario Argento-style murders, and crazy witchcraft and you got a series.

The Lost Boys

This series could’ve worked during or after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Imagine watching Michael, Sam, and the Frog brothers trying to fulfill their mission… “To Destroy all Vampires”! Michael could possess some of his vampire powers and maybe we would get a backstory about the teen vampire hunters, Edgar and Alan Frog.


What if Carol Anne grew up and followed in Tangina’s footsteps? Fans have been curious about the Carol Anne character for years. If there was a series, we could see Carol Anne as an adult and if she has psychic abilities like her grandmother and mother. Carol Anne was considered a powerful being in the films. If this was a real series, it would be interesting to see if she accepted her past and powers, or continue to run from them.

The Beast Within

A teen aged boy harbors beast-like abilities that he cannot control. As he looks into the past, he learns that his mother was raped by a man creature, living in a small mid-western town. This could rock as a series because there are so good pieces to use: Dark secrets in a small town, the type of creature Michael is descended from, the mystical elements of the creature, and the typical teen male problems; just think Teen Wolf with a stronger plot.


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