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The release date for Into the Woods is fast approaching. With each clip they show, I only get more excited. Will I even be able to make it to Christmas with all of this anticipation weighing on my shoulders? Maybe not.

The latest clip that Disney has released shows Anna Kendrick in her element. Looking flawless as Cinderella while running down a flight of stairs and singing. Absolutely slaying the game. You know, that old classic. Check out the magically musical clip here:

All seems well at first. I mean, how could anything go wrong when you're wearing such a fabulous gold ball gown? Actually, probably a ton of things could go wrong with that situation. Like this...

It turns into a sticky situation as the Prince tries to keep Cinderella from escaping his festival.

Oof. That does not look comfortable. Luckily time freezes just long enough for us to hear Cinderella/Anna (CinderAnna?) perfectly sing a quick verse from "On The Steps Of The Palace." Will she choose to stay behind with her Prince or flee as she intended?

I guess we'll just have to see the movie to find out! Unless, of course, you already know the story. In that case, we can take pleasure in finally seeing this amazing musical up on the silver screen.

[Into the Woods](movie:342930) will hit theaters on Christmas Day. Are you ready to venture Into the Woods?


Which singing role do you prefer Anna Kendrick in?


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