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You might know her from TV shows such as [Breaking Bad](series:200567) , Veronica Mars, and [Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23](series:754299) and if you don't, well then you need to educate yourself on the badass excellence that is Krysten Ritter. She usually plays the confident woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. But, much like Chris Pratt, she is well versed in the comedy game as well. She is, in a word, great.

Today we got word from Deadline that Marvel has cast Ritter to play Jessica Jones from Alias in the new Netflix [Jessica Jones](series:1168773) drama series! Melissa Rosenberg ( [Dexter](series:200541) , Twilight) will be at the helm of the show as writer and producer.

I think that this is a case of perfect casting. Krysten Ritter can definitely play a strong character and she know just when to add some levity with her great comedic timing. But, as her role in Breaking Bad shows, the girl can be deep and dark when necessary.

Deadline also believes that the talented Mike Colter (Million Dollar Baby, [Halo: Nightfall (Digital Feature)](movie:1427493)) is in final talks to play Luke Cage, who will also have his on TV show. Now all we have to do is wait for the break.

The series will span 13 episodes, but I have the feeling we will be seeing her beyond this series. With all of her connections and relationships there's a lot of crossover potential. She has strong ties to Captain Marvel, she grew up with Peter Parker, and had a relationship (and later, a baby) with Luke Cage.

This could be an interesting plan to bring Spidey back into Marvel's movie game if they make a deal with Sony. And since we know that Jessica and Luke Cage are both vehemently opposed to the Superhero Registration Act (which is the entire pivot around which [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) will spin), it makes sense that they would want to start building up these characters to be part of the larger story.

This means that she (and the rest of the Marvel Netflix crew) has some pretty serious potential to show up in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. This is even more likely since Marvel is already doing such a fantastic job building up to the different movie storylines in [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469).

Just how much of a role [Jessica Jones](series:1168773) will end up playing in the expanded universe, or if she will have one at all, is still unclear. But either way I expect that Marvel is giving us even more great television to keep up with. Thanks, Marvel!


What do you think of Krysten Ritter playing Jessica Jones?


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