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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
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They're back & they brought friends!

So after watching the original, I couldn't wait to see the next one. It doesn't disappoint in my opinion. While the first was in a horror setting with blends of humor. This one breaks out into the open with action, while still bringing everything that made it a cult favorite.

One thing that stands out is that the film is in English & has some American characters. One of them, Jocelyn DeBoer, is a Star Wars nerd who is always making reference to the series.

This film takes place takes place right after the first & even recaps the key points. The Nazi zombies wanted gold back in the first. Now they want revenge for a assignment that they didn't complete when they were living. The lone survivor of the first film now has the arm of the Nazi zombie leader which gives him some special powers.

This film seems to go the way of Resident Evil & Gremlins by focusing on action & humor. I feel like if this series took itself serious that it wouldn't work. The special effects work when they are in use. The movie isn't afraid to kill kids or babies. I found those bits to give me big laughs. Also, zombie with a big beard! The end was kind of romantic & awkward. The post credit scene didn't make much sense but it was setting up for a 3rd film if they make it.

Red vs Dead is as good as Dead Snow & totally worth the money I spent renting it. I can't say that about everything. I can't really think of anything that I would complain about. It was a fun time to be had after work. 8 out of 10

Best Part: Nazi doctor zombie patching up soldiers

Worse Part: NA

Rating: 8/10


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