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So when I heard Grumpy Cat was getting her own movie, I thought it was a bit crazy. I didn't know how they would pull it off & the trailer didn't tell me much. I gave it a shot though & it was fun.

It's a family friendly Christmas movie from Lifetime. That should give you some idea if what to expect. It was a very self aware film. I don't know if that makes it "meta" because I don't understand what that means really. The film breaks the 4th wall a few times. Mainly in "shameless plugs" which I found to be entertaining. The movie is very silly & not meant too taken very seriously.

The plot: A pet store in the mall is about to go under & the only thing keeping it from going under is a dog worth a million dollars. Grumpy Cat is at the store & she's been returned twice which may or may not be the reason for her sunny outlook on life. Plus all the animals can speak. To each other. There's two guys from a band that just signed a record deal, they see this & plan on stealing the dog. Lastly there's a little girl who's lonely because her father left & doesn't have any real friends but seems to know all the people working at the mall. A mysterious Santa dude gives her a coin that will make her wish come true &...her wish allows her to hear Grumpy. Also, Grumpy tells the story so that extra fun.

The acting isn't as lame or over the top as most kid films. There is times Grumpy is a puppet which was noticeable but not bad because I wouldn't want the kitty to be hurt. There was a twist that I wasn't expecting. I haven't watched a film about animals that talked in awhile. Now of days they seem to be animated or CGI when they do. It was kind of old school I guess. Having someone do voice over for the animals & not use any special effects for or on the animals. The opening sets the tone as Grumpy talks about how "Jingle Bells" makes her tail hurt & calms "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" was better. I just enjoyed this song got some TV & that the wallpaper background had hippos on it too.

This probably isn't for everyone. I like Grumpy, she's adorable. The fact that made a movie around her that wasn't bad is fantastic. What makes the movie & comedy work is the film knowing what it is. It's a fun silly Christmas film centered around a cat made famous on the internet. They point out their budget. They point out things that couldn't happen but do because it's a movie. Watch & enjoy. I liked it & give it 8 paws out of 10

Best Part: British Grumpy Cat

Worst Part: Mother not noticing her daughter leaving

Rating: 8/10


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