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So ...This post is to talk about Nightwing basically it's just all about WHERE IS NIGHTWING, DID WE FORGET HIM, DO YOU KNOW HIM. In the past years there have been 0 activity about him there have been rumors that he'll be in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and that he'll get his movie sooner or later but the main question is WHEN ? .... I know there's a series about him by Ismahawk in YouTube BIG Shout out to him and then there's the TNT T.V Show Teens that has been "announced" but we don't for sure and that has Nightwing in it but then there's the main question everyone is asking themselves WHO WILL PLAY HIM there has been talk back and forth that this actor should play NO THIS ACTOR .....LIKE COME ON PICK ONE ALREADY ! Then there's brand new comic about him called Grayson which is he has retired his role as Nightwing after they found out he was Nightwing And then become a secret agent like NO we want the man is the suit AS Nightwing.The only activity of Nightwing that has been is in the Batman Arkham Video Game Trilogy expect for Arkham Asylum and Injustice and then there's the series of Ismahawk again,But I think we want more....We want A MOVIE,ANOTHER COMIC BOOK OF HIM IN THE NIGHTWING SUIT ...Oh and for God sake DC put out some Nightwing Merchandise out there there hasn't been Nightwing Merchandise(Expect for the figures about him)Like come on where are the Nightwing costumes Nightwing gauntlets Escrima Sticks it's kinda not fair Batman has a LOT OF MERCHANDISE ! And Nightwing gets a bit like come on Nightwing Dick Grayson the next Batman after Bruce "died".Dick I think is the next popular in the Bat Family.He was the first Robin to ever take on the mantal for me he has the best Robin out there then to later become Batman DANG THATS JUST AWESOME.So all I'm saying is Nightwing even Jason and Tim need to go out there.


So What About Nightwing

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