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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Now most of you out there are really excited for the upcoming [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) movie in 2016 and most of you are also highly anticipated for the

movie but which one will be better? Now lets check it out.

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad vs Sinister Six

Lets start with Suicide Squad now the Suicide Squad movie have been confirmed and set to release on the 5th of August 2016 the cast of the Suicide Squad movie are listed below

Jared Leto – The Joker

Will Smith – Deadshot

Tom Hardy – Rick Flag

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

Jai Courtney – Boomerang

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

Now a lot of people didn't see that coming Will Smith to play Deadshot what? But still all of them are perfect casts now the Suicide Squad are a group of villains that were given a chance by the government to do good but there's a catch some of them may die on the mission that's why they call them Suicide Squad but they can still be saved if they have luck.

The Suicide Squad, also known as Task Force X (the name of a closely related but independent supervisory organization), is a name for two fictional organizations in the DC Comics Universe. The first version debuted in The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) #25 (1959), and the second in Legends #3 (1987). An "original" Suicide Squad was later created in Secret Origins (vol. 2) #14, connecting the other Squads.

Notable team members from Suicide Squad (vol. 1) include:

Amanda Waller

Rick Flag, Jr.

Bronze Tiger

Captain Boomerang (George Harkness)

Count Vertigo


Doctor Light (Arthur Light)

Duchess (Lashina)



Nemesis (Tom Tresser)


Oracle (Barbara Gordon)

Poison Ivy



Shade, the Changing Man

Thinker (Cliff Carmichael)


and that's that about Suicide Squad now lets take a look at the Sinister Six.

Some of the members
Some of the members

The Sinister Six movie will be set to release on the 11th of November 2016 same year of the Suicide Squad film but the Sinister Six cast haven't yet been confirmed.That is going to be a problem for the Sinister Six they have to find casts and fast!

The Sinister Six Members

Dr Octopus









Kraven The Hunter




But we still don't know who will be playing who and who will be in the movie?

So I guess we have to wait until the cast is confrimed.


Which movie do you really can't wait for?


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