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Spoilers: Don't Read if you haven't seen S4. E7 and E8.

Tonight we mourned the loss of two characters in. One of the characters was killed in the previous episode but the previous episode didn't give us enough time to fully mourn and absorb the death. This episode we had to deal with three deaths; two people we will miss, while other not so much.

American Horror Story: Sweet Dreams, Our Little Ma Petite

Dell Toledo killing Ma Petite
Dell Toledo killing Ma Petite

Little Ma Petite was killed due to blackmail. She was killed to be displayed in the museum of unnatural human beings. The poor thing was killed by suffocation by Dell. The only reason she was killed was because he was being blackmailed. He got blackmailed by Stanley. Stanley caught Dell at a gay bar and threatened to tell others about the truth if he didn't bring him a freak.

Stanley wants to be known for bringing in the most freaks to the museum and is willing to kill anyone to get it. He uses blackmail and other ways to threaten others to get what he wants. He works with Esmeralda but she has failed to be any use to Stanley.

Ma Petit in the Museum
Ma Petit in the Museum

We will miss you Ma Petite. She was a joy to have on the show as she brought innocence to the show. Especially to our own Ms. Elsa, who is out to be the one of the rich and famous. People will miss her cause she was fun to have around.

Good Bye, Our Ethel Darling

Ethel Darling
Ethel Darling

The way Ethel died was both impressive and sad. The fact that Elsa Mars was able to get her guard down long enough to through the knife in a split second. The no-look knife throw into the eye kill was impressive, Elsa. But that doesn't make it alright to kill one of the characters that was always trying to do good.

Ethel was an important character as she always tried to take care of everyone. She was a role model, except for the drinking part. Overall, her story was sad because she was going to die due to the spread of the disease. Eventually in the show she would die due to the disease but who would've guessed she would be killed. To me, she was the least likely to get killed by any of the characters since she was the protector of the freak show.

I'll miss her the most especially since her death was just insane. Her death was very visual and happened so quickly. The worst part is that the way they tried to cover the crime by making it look like a suicide. The way the did it was quite a site. At the end, I know I'll miss Ethel and the story won't be the same without her. How will our poor Jimmy move on and be strong again without his mother by his side?

You Should've Known, Gloria Mott

Well, this was bound to happen to you Gloria. She should've known her son was insane in the brain and he would kill her. Dandy likes killing as we saw when he killed Dora. He was bound to kill again and will continue to kill until someone stops him. He's dangerous and Gloria knew that. But she was blinded by her motherly instincts to protect him but more to give him what he wants. She didn't want to kill Regina but had to give him what he wants or he would have a tantrum.

Dandy is very good at playing a role and acting a certain way to give people false comfort around him. But I'm sure Jimmy know that he is a little insane. I bet that in the future Dandy and Stanley will work together since Dandy likes killing and Stanley needs dead freaks for the museum.

Dandy Mott bathing in blood
Dandy Mott bathing in blood

Gloria Mott had it coming to her. I think it's karma that she got killed because she was protecting someone that is bad in society. But let's remember that he bathed in her blood in the last scene of the episode. In conclusion, Dandy is crazy and will continue to kill.


Who do you miss the most that has died since the start of the season?


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