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As a kid, after seeing Jurassic Park for the very first time, in the playground I was always a velociraptor. My friends would forever choose tyrannosaurus rex, or pterodactyl or triceratops, but I was always the velociraptor. Why, because they terrified me and that was exciting! The sheer power, speed and intelligence of the creatures! I mean, how can a dinosaur figure out how to use a door handle?

"Clever girls."
"Clever girls."

After playing games where you were constantly harassed by these supreme and terrible lizards, I began to wonder what it would be like to be a dinosaur. To jump inside the scales and feathers and...just roam, you know. Not beat up faux-ninjas in Killer Instinct, or be coerced into doing the Nazi's evil biddings in Dino D-Day.

For real?
For real?

Enter indie developer Tomozaurus and their creation Saurian: Hell Creek, an open world, survival based game, that lets you play as a dinosaur in its natural habitat! Based in the prehistoric Hell Creek Formation in, what is now, Montana, players will take a dinosaur through its various life stages, avoiding predators, hunting and all the other pressures that come with being a giant prehistoric beast. Here's the gameplay video...

The game is still in a pre-alpha state and contains gameplay features such as "poor FPS, placeholder sounds, temporary assets, unfinished lighting, misbehaving animations" amongst other things. But it looks like it should come together pretty well! There's no word on when Saurian will be releasing, but feel free to follow the games development right here.

So with the promise of Jurassic World soon opening its gates, and being able to go home and tear it up as a velociraptor from the comfort of my own desk? My inner child is bounding around in joy! How about you?

(Source: Saurian via Facebook, Tomozaurus via IndieDB)


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