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(Warning: this post may contain significant spoilers for Rocksteady's impending Batman: Arkham Knight game. If you don't want to spoil the experience for yourself, please do not read on...)

News from the interwebs is that an, obviously, anonymous employee of Rocksteady games has let slip the entire plot of Batman: Arkham Knight, including the identity of the titular antagonist!

In a thread, posted on 4chan, the user has speculated information that reveals game spoilers, riddler trophies and appearances from well known and iconic characters from Batman lore.

A lot of the information seems quite farfetched, leading me to doubt its validity, plus the fact that it still remains unconfirmed. But, if you're still here and hungry for reveals, you can make your own mind up on the subject. Here's the link to the goods...

There Be (Possible) Spoilers Ahead...


The Arkham Knight Is...

Are you sure you want to know?
Are you sure you want to know?

Apparently, the Arkham Knight is a clone of Bruce Wayne, created by Dr. Amanda Blake Waller to be her "personal, perfect human specimen and Batman."

Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller

Comprising of DNA from Bruce and Talia al Ghul, whose body was collected at the end of Arkham City, Knight had an incredibly swift growth period after being subjected to an accelerated growth treatment evolved from the Titan formula.

Arkham Knight has no name, but a designation. "E-11" - Batch E, number 11 - which means that Knight wasn't the first attempt at replicating a Bruce clone. Knight was the one that worked.

After keeping tabs on Batman throughout the game, Knight becomes jealous of his relationships with the Robins (Nightwing and Robin will involved in the game, and will be playable via DLC). Knight believes himself to be the better Batman and will stop at nothing to steal the throne from the original Wayne.

What A Twist!

There's much, much more information on the game in the link provided above. Did you dare to read it? It's an interesting prospect, Arkham Knight as Batman's dark doppelgänger, but for Rocksteady's sake I hope it isn't true! It's nice to have a small element of surprise left in blockbusters, especially ones as enthralling and fan rewarding as the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, and I'm guessing I'm not alone...


Do you think this is Arkham Knight's true identity?


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