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Now, this is a Christmas tradition which has slipped me by - but apparently it is now customary for festive families to hide 'scout elves' around the house. The idea behind this 'Elf on the Shelf' concept is that these Elves then report the behavior of the kids to Santa Claus.

However, it seems several Christmas revelers have turned the premise on its head, and have instead created images of the elves themselves getting up to some pretty un-Christmasy deeds. Check out some of the best (or worst) below. They range from the odd, to the downright disturbing:

On the Turd Day of Christmas...


S-Elf Expression


Getting Into The Christmas Spirits

A 'White' Christmas

Don't Worry Kids, It's Not True...

Christmas Fear

Oh Deer...

Santa's Little Hostage-Taker


Which of these elves has behaved the worst?

Source: Distractify

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