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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I know that plenty of people are keen on the idea of an American Horror Story Connected Universe - read a few broader theories on that here and here if you're interested - but I'm wary of clutching at straws...

However, there was an interesting little potential crossover in the last American Horror Story: Freak Show episode, 'Bloodbath'...

We see a flashback from Elsa Mars' past

Elsa's legs, pre-snuff movie
Elsa's legs, pre-snuff movie

A kindly man, played by Danny Huston, crafts her new legs after they're brutally sawn off in a snuff movie.


Danny Huston played The Axe Man in AHS: Coven

It's nice to see him again, but this is not the potential crossover...


Remember Dandy Mott's therapist in 'Bloodbath'?

We hear his voice - but don't see his face - and his voice sounds exactly like Danny Huston's.


I'm unsure exactly what this means, but some people on Reddit are pretty excited about it... Whether it means a lot or nothing is up to you guys - I see it more as an interesting fact than a massive brain-bending theory, but maybe I'm just being short sighted...


Is Dandy's therapist played by Danny Huston and does it mean anything?

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