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The wild world of Vampire Diaries ships is a strange place. While certain romantic combinations are all some fans are hoping for, they have potential to blow other shippers worlds apart. But which ones have never nabbed themselves any screen time?

I've been trawling VD forums to find the most spoken about ships that are yet to grace the TV show to try and find some sense in what inspires fans to dedicate their time cheerleading for non existent couples.

But, which ones of these would you like to see, and which ones would destroy your world?


Steroline isn't exactly new, or controversial in the world of VD shippers... Until you ask the Stelena fanatics!

Caroline and Stefan are already best friends and there are plenty of reasons why supporters think that this ship is long due to sail, but how many of the reasons below do you agree with?

  • Stefan helped Caroline to come to terms with vampire life and now she is probably the most well adjusted of the bunch. This has to count for something, right?
  • They always comfort and support each other. Things might have been up in the air for the BFFs when Damon and Bonnie died, but until Stefan's grief took over, the pair have rarely faltered.
  • Lexi totally ships them too! You can't argue with a best mate from beyond the grave!
  • They know how to have fun together. Whether it's dancing or ripping on each other, this pair just gets it.


How would you feel if Steroline actually happened?


This is probably the most talked about potential ship at the moment, and one of the most controversial. A huge amount of the fandom are rooting for Delena all the way and deny there is any genuine chemistry between the pair, but Bamon shippers beg to differ.

But do you agree with any of their reasoning on why this pair would make a great new Vampire Diaries ship?

  • Bonnie is the only character in the show who consistently makes the right decision and she brings out the humanity in Damon.
  • Bonnie's character is always swept up in romances with minor characters and never gets a chance to shine, Bamon would put an end to all that in an interesting way.
  • Their chemistry together is undeniable.
  • The romances on TVD are getting kind of tired and nobody can deny that Bamon would bring something new and unexpected to the table...


How would you feel if Bamon actually happened?


Despite the fact that their characters haven't been together for many episodes, there is a smaller crew out there shipping Stefonnie/Stonnie through their Tumblr accounts and blogs.

Although this pairing generally only exist in the realm of fan-fiction, there are some fans who would love to see them blossom into romance on the show, and these are their reasons why:

  • Stefan and Bonnie are the most caring and dependable characters on the show and the deserve each others support.
  • They look great together.
  • Bonnie should hook up with a more central character to give her a chance to develop and grow, and Stefan has to be the chosen one.


How would you feel if Stefonnie/Stonnie actually happened?


You would think that Jyler was just a flight of fan-fiction fancy, but people care enough about this highly improbable ship to dedicate videos to the cause...

I mean, they would be totally adorable together if it wasn't for the small problem that neither of them seem to be gay!


Do you think people are too obsessed with the 'ships' in The Vampire Diaries?


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